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So Much to say Podcast premiered in May 2017, and is hosted by author, activist, producer and entrepreneur CraigTheWriterStewart. The podcast is heard in 60 countries via Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Play,, Stitcher and Tune  in with a listenership of 86-thousand to date and a combined 40-thousand followers across all social media platforms.

So Much To Say Podcast was born out of a need to build dialogue around subjects that are sensitive, but important to the LGBTQ and Black communities. The conversations center on socially relevant topics hence “TheWriter’s” opening catch phrase, “Good day thinkers, thought leaders, progressives and dreamers I’m CraigTheWriterStewart and this is So Much To Say. These are my thoughts, in my voice, on Black sh*t, White sh*t, Gay sh*t and everything in between!” 


No topic is left untouched because the intention is to reach, teach and heal while bridging the gap between communities: Black and White People; Gay and Straight men; HIV positive and HIV negative people; Gay and Trans people etc. Some of the shows over the course of the past two years include, “Would You Date Someone HIV Positive or Not,” “How Religion Has Helped and Hurt Us As A People,” “He Was Born She,” and “Man vs. Man - Domestic Violence in Gay Relationships.”

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Stewart attended Hampton University, and graduated with a degree in liberal arts. Following graduation he relocated to Atlanta where he wrote and produced a stage play entitled “A Day in the Life” that played before a sold out audience. In 2012, he released his first book Words Never Spoken, a memoir, in 2015 it was followed by the sequel One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, a memoir continued, and his third release So Much To Say, a book of Quotes was released in 2017—all of which carry a 5-star rating on Amazon. 


Stewart is also the founder of Say it in a Card greeting card company, and the show runner for The QUEENS Supreme Court online show with Ts Madison.

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